The ink isn’t even dry

The SBE (soon to be ex) and i have recently concluded an emotionally devastating round of negotiations over the custody of my son and things related to that.  one of the aspects concerned what time of day i could call to speak with him. 

so i called during the designated time and she didn’t answer.  she wrote me an email and now wants to change the terms of the negotiation and the ink is still wet on it.  she now wants to limit me to two days per week to call and IF i call consistently on those days then she’d be willing to add another day which i’m allowed to call.

needless to say that wasn’t part of our agreement in the least bit. 

i can understand, on one level, how waiting around every day would be tricky… that said, my time to call is right before bedtime for my son so it’s not like she has to be waiting around anywhere in particular, just have her cell phone.  i don’t know what to do about it.

i asked my lawyer for her advice on this development and we’ll go from there.

what was once a loving partnership has become something unrecognizable and it breaks my heart.


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