How To Survive Your First Kink Party « Fetish « Sex

How To Survive Your First Kink Party « Fetish « Sex.

Do not touch. Consider this the primary rule. Do not touch any person, implement, luggage, or other personal effects unless and until you have been given an explicit invitation. There are many reasons for this, but at your first party, you only need to worry about keeping your hands to yourself. 

Supreme Court On Gay Marriage: Sure, Who Cares | The Onion – Americas Finest News Source

“I’m a strict Originalist, Mr. Cooper, and I’m looking at a 14th Amendment that forbids any state from denying any person equal protection of the law,” Associate Justice Antonin Scalia said. “So, unless we are the most uncivilized society on the face of God’s green earth, I think we can all agree that a gay person is in fact a person. So what I’m saying is, who the fuck are we to tell a person who he or she can get married to? This is dumb. Can we talk about a real case now, please?”

via Supreme Court On Gay Marriage: Sure, Who Cares | The Onion – Americas Finest News Source.

This Process of Aging | The Re-Wilding

This Process of Aging | The Re-Wilding.

I am determined not to make an enemy of my age. It comes with deep grief. How could I ever say I’m done with this world, ready to depart it’s cottonwoods and finches, the sweet breath of my children and their children, the sunsets and autumn’s last strawberries? Well, it’s perfect that I end with that, because autumn’s last strawberries have the most complex flavor, filled with the innocence of spring and sharpened with the warning of first frosts and the last-gasp-give-it-everything-you’ve-got burst of no-going-back.


Wicked Wonderland Empire

Life and times of a Buddhist trans woman.

Dizzy yet?

I know I am...


through the darkness there is light


It's like The Matrix — only without body harvesting and bullet time. Its ubiquity makes it almost invisible. Almost. We can see it, and we will explain what it looks like.

The Pink Agendist

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Staked in the Heart

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