A Doctor Talks About ObamaCare Issues — US Health Crisis

A Doctor Talks About ObamaCare Issues — US Health Crisis.


The outcome of this is going to be a multi-tiered system, similar to what goes on now but even more stratified. The rich will be able to pay for the type of care they want and they will find many physicians that are more than happy to provide that. This is the type of care that most people would want and the way most doctors would want to practice.

The poor will at least have some healthcare and anything is better than nothing. They will get the type of population based healthcare incentivized by our government. The rest of us will do the best we can and put up with increased costs, decreased quality, increased hassles, longer wait times, and difficulty accessing the system. We will learn what it means to be a “covered life” rather than an individual patient. Under this new paradigm our healthcare system will become a few islands of excellence in an ocean of mediocrity.

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