Gender Orientation, Identity and Expression | Ehipassiko

Gender Orientation, Identity and Expression | Ehipassiko.

To be clear: The issue for the MTF transsexual isn’t that we are a culturally constructed woman trapped in the physical body of a man; rather, a MTF transsexual’s subjective experience of their physical sex is female. When I assert that my subjective experience of my body has been always female, I mean exactly that. I only acquired a pervasive horror about my body shape when I learned around the age of 5 that my body shape was different from other girls.  That particular horror is called dysphoria… as in, Gender Dysphoria. My issue wasn’t that I wanted to necessarily wear certain clothes or act a certain way; of course I wanted to be treated and identified as any other little girl in my culture, but my dysphoria wasn’t primarily situated around this secondary issue. I went to bed praying to have a god fix my body or allow me to die in my sleep not because my gender identity and expression wasn’t feminine; I began praying to die around the age of 5 because my body betrayed me.




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  1. Carolina Courtland
    Jul 24, 2012 @ 18:55:56

    You know, I’ve never really talked in depth to a trans individual. I would like to, before and after hormones, to see if I can “see” their thinking is female/male (whichever they believe themselves to be.) One thing I found fascinating about Chaz Bono is he said that after the hormones he found women’s chatter to be “irritating” just like a normal man would. LOL


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