I feel like i’ve taken acid

I feel like i’ve ingested some LSD and just never came down…this whole experience has been so incredibly surreal that i find it hard to believe.  i patently don’t believe it…perhaps i’m stuck in the Matrix or on the aforementioned acid trip…but i just cannot find any resonance in reality with my experiences of late.

furthermore, something must be out of whack at the cosmic dating center of the universe for i’ve found myself relentlessly pursued by one man and two women even though i’ve made it abundantly clear that i’m only interested in friends right now.  apparently my winning personality, lack of obvious body odor and simple charm have convinced these people that i’m worth knowing and loving.  i pointedly tell them “don’t tell me you love me.” and they ask, with some slight hurt in their voices “what should i say when i’m feeling love for you?”  i don’t know the answer to that but, perhaps, not telling me that you love me after only knowing me for a few days is a good start.  i can’t think of a more surefire way to put off a person that is going through a terribly hurtful breakup than to jump the shark with love statements.

yeah, i get it… i’m a whole package of awesomely yummy goodness and they can’t help themselves…even if that were the case why on earth would people think that love-bombing someone in my position would be a good idea?

don’t get me wrong, dear reader, i do enjoy the attention of my friends and the occasional flattery that a romantic partner may bestow but this is just ridiculous.


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