Biological etiology for transexual/transgender people

there is quite a bit of discussion on the interwebz regarding the etiology of transexuality.  based on the current level of research into this subject the evidence is strongly indicative of a morphological difference between cis females, cis males and trans women and men. there are several reputable medical journals which delve into this subject in more detail.

science works on the basis of evidence, not proofs. proofs are properties of formal systems like mathematics and logic rather than science, per se, thus scientific articles in peer reviewed journals speak in terms of evidence that confirms or falsifies an hypothesis. many, many people ask for proof when what science can provide is only evidence.  indeed, even something as universally accepted such as gravity is supported by evidence rather than proof.

unfortunately most of the peer reviewed material is on pay to view sites and usually only the abstracts are available for public viewing.  nevertheless, as our ability to view parts of the brain increase and our understanding of the functions increase the understanding of humanity will increase.

that is not to say that biological determinism is correct, indeed, this has been shown to be a dead end path.  since humans have, to a limited extent, an ability to exercise their will we can overcome our biological programming and change our predetermined outcome.

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