my new tattoo

i’d been wanting to get another one for awhile now but hadn’t really settled on the design and text to go with it.  since these things are pretty permanent i like to make sure that it’s something i like, something that is meaningful to me and something which appeals to my taste.

to that end, i’ve finally settled on a Quetzel and the text in Latin which reads: Alis Volat Propriis which means “She flies by her own wings.”  the Quetzel will be a stylized version of the bird which, in it’s life as something other than a tattoo, is a creature of myth in Mesoamerican cultures.  in some contexts it’s the representation of liberty and freedom and that is what she means to me.

i have two more ideas for tattoos that i’ll get sooner rather than later but everything comes at the right time and i’ll be patient for those.

the process of tattooing is also very liberating since not only is there a massive endorphin release but the deliberate nature of the act reassociates the feeling of pain, changing the dynamic from something being inflicted upon you without any control to a controlled process that is at your will.  it is hard to articulate the transformative nature of such a process.


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