The Divorce redux

My lawyer and i collaborated on our response and took an aggressive posture so that we can negotiate and hopefully reach a fair custody situation with my son.  One quality which my SBE has demonstrated is a very stubborn personality so i’m thinking that she’s not going to negotiate with me and will, instead, choose to let the courts decide everything.  Why she would let some stranger that doesn’t know us make such a monumental life decision is beyond me….however hope springs eternal and i can only hope that her lawyer is advising her to negotiate with me.

I’m so sad that it has come to this, that she chose this path for us and that we’re all caught in the fall out.  I don’t really understand why she wasn’t interested in anything that we could have done to save our relationship but then i’m not brought upon the world to “get it”.   My son deserves to have both of his parents in his life; healthy parents that are able to be there for him.  I’ll do everything within my power to make sure i’m healthy and able to be there for him and i wish that she would do the same.

Her lawyer contacted mine and suggested that i wasn’t competent to even enter into negotiations to which my lawyer responded that if the other lawyer didn’t back off, my lawyer would have her disbarred.  the SBE’s lawyer quickly backtracked and didn’t pursue that line of discussion any further.  My lawyer is really pissed at what is going on and how the SBE has acted towards me and her general behavior during this whole process.

I still cry about it everyday.  Perhaps i will always do so.  I don’t know.


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