The Divorce

So… i filed my counter complaint towards the SBE today.  Everything has gotten so fucked up, so completely destroyed and ruined.  She wasn’t even willing to go to joint parenting classes so we could be more effective co-parents to our son; she wasn’t willing to do *anything* to work on our marriage or address her underlying issues with me.  Her lawyer called into question my mental fitness to even negotiate and my lawyer told hers that if she kept that up she’d have her disbarred.  the SBE’s lawyer quickly backed off her contentions.


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  1. womanintears
    Jul 05, 2013 @ 08:40:00

    well, it’s all done now. a whole life dissolved in the strange way that laws end relationships and leave children wondering why their parents couldn’t have tried just a bit harder and the parents feeling bittersweet at the ark their story has taken.


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