Hillary’s record looks a lot like Trump’s rhetoric — Medium

Whether those of us unable to cast a vote for Hillary Clinton are decried as privileged, petulant, tire fires, sexist (because only she deserves to be the …

Source: Hillary’s record looks a lot like Trump’s rhetoric — Medium

The Ralph Nader Myth

Source: The Ralph Nader Myth
In the 2000 Florida election, Ralph Nader received 97,488 votes, while Al Gore lost the state (and, therefore, the presidency) by 537 votes to Mr. Bush.
For many Democrats here on DKos that is all they need to know. Nader cost Gore the election.

But to stop there and decide that nothing else matters is to also leave the “reality-based community” label behind, because there are many other numbers that also matter.


Why Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils Is a Waste of Your Vote | Cato Institute

I offer my line of reasoning as a guide to others who might be agonizing over their decision this year.

Source: Why Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils Is a Waste of Your Vote | Cato Institute

An open letter to Jean last name withheld, the person who dumped Cocoa at the pound | A day in the life of lunchy…

An open letter to Jean last name withheld, the person who dumped Cocoa at the pound | A day in the life of lunchy….

with but a slight change this letter could refer to Rachel and how she treated me and our cats at the end of it all.  Two cats, one of them was 12 and the other 8 and she sold them to a clean up person that took them away one morning.  i had no idea.  of course if she could throw away a person for being sick then i suppose it’s easy enough to throw away animals.

Interview With an Actual Stonewall Riot Veteran: The Ciswashing of Stonewall Must End! | The Transadvocate

Interview With an Actual Stonewall Riot Veteran: The Ciswashing of Stonewall Must End! | The Transadvocate.

The Stonewall Inn was made up of the dregs of the community. Transgenders and transsexuals were not allowed in many of the gay clubs. And the Stonewall Inn was mostly prostitutes and drug addicts, and drag queens and transgenders. It was not your respectable gay club.”


Unpacking Transphobia in Feminism | The Transadvocate

Unpacking Transphobia in Feminism | The Transadvocate.

Anti-trans views ultimately come from a flawed, female-chauvinist analysis that sees sexism as the paramount issue and only weakly, if at all, takes into account how women’s oppression intersects with racism, class, ableism, homophobia and of course transphobia. The solidarity that is needed to win liberation is only possible by understanding that different forms of oppression have a common basis in the private property system and that we have a common need to replace capitalism with a system of socialist equality. Under a socialist system, people will have the freedom to express their gender and sexuality in any way they choose. This is the society Radical Women is fighting for.”

Hurray!  finally there is a consistently articulate response to the TERFS.



dear virtual diary,

it’s been a while, huh?

so, yeah, the Queering the Museum project went well.  i made a film short related to some parts of my life that was exhibited there and will be screened around the country this fall as part of a film project exploring queer women of color (yeah, i know what my skin looks like).  i’ve been asked to collaborate on the creation of a monthly event here in Seattle that may end up resulting in, finally, getting some remuneration.  my recent audition went well and i was cast in a performance art piece that will premier at the Seattle Fringe Fest in September of this year.

i’ve managed to reconcile my situation in life, to some degree even though not all of the states would agree with this.  that does, of course, make things more difficult.  some of them are having a very difficult time letting go and so i try to help more than normal, perhaps, in that way.  i recently found out i have another son, Devon, from a woman that i loved many, many years ago.  we’ve spoken on the phone yet it is, understandably, difficult for him.

life has taken so many twists and turns that even though i could never have expected this i did expect that Rachel would leave me.  she would often tell me that i would leave her but she knew that i never would.  i now believe that she left because she knew that i wouldn’t and that i couldn’t be free if i stayed.  i prefer this view even if it’s not accurate.

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